Patience really is a virtue y’all. We have gotten a serious lesson on it these past 10 months, especially the last two weeks.

As you may remember, Blue Betty, our bus, made it 60 miles to our mechanic before we learned the suspension was completely shot and had to be replaced… and it came with a 2 week wait time.

You may be thinking, “Oh, no biggie, replacing the suspension shouldn’t be THAT hard.” Which is true; in a traditional RV, it wouldn’t be that bad. The problem, for us, is that our bus is nearly 40 years old and the bus manufacturer is no longer in business. That means we have to find parts, try to loosen old bolts, install the “new” parts, and then pray it all works.

When we got the news of the two week delay, we took a gorgeous beach getaway for a few nights in hopes that the bus would be finished as we returned and we could drive off into the sunset, embarking on our new life.

However, that didn’t work out, but we did learn that things really do happen for a reason…….

On August 15th, we had to put our beloved Miniature Schnauzer, Lucy, to sleep. She was in our lives for over 13 years and could always be found right at Jenn’s side. She was old and in a lot of pain, so we had to make the tough decision to end her pain and be surrounded by us as she went peacefully (read more about it here).

Thankfully, we are staying with family during this difficult time. I truly believe that Lucy knew she wouldn’t make it on the trip, and she wanted to make it the easiest on us when she crossed the rainbow bridge. Losing a pet is immensely hard and leaves your heartbroken.

Thankfully, Theodore has been putting in overtime in the last few days for all of us. You really don’t realize how big of an impact an animal makes on you, until they are gone.

That all brings us to today…..Blue Betty. We got an update (today is the two-week mark, which has gone by unbelievably slow) that she won’t be ready until Thursday, possibly Friday. Our mechanic is having a tough time getting the suspension adjusted on each of the wheels. We know that it’s not easy working on this big beast and we need to be flexible.

We are definitely thankful that we have family to stay with and we have the funds to fix our bus.  We thank each and every one of y’all for your love and support! It absolutely means the world to us!