Join The Bethoonies!

Have you ever just felt like you never really "belonged" anywhere? You were always different and you didn't think that you'd fit in with everyone else? Maybe you could really fit in anywhere, but you never found that feeling of just being "home".....


Our dream was to create a place to welcome any and every one. To love you and be there for you, and most importantly, to make you feel like you aren't ALONE.

The Bethoonies is a space where we encourage you to ALWAYS STAY WEIRD! We are creating a community of people from all different backgrounds, races, orientations, genders, preferences, colors, and lifestyles. We truly love EVERYONE and are thankful for you individual eccentricities. Here, you can create your own profile, make comments, react to our posts and each other. YOU are our FAMILY now!

Since we are family now, just like in our bus, we have FAMILY RULES we all have to live by....

  1. ALWAYS be kind
  2. Listen to Directions
  3. Keep Calm/No Yelling
  4. Pick up after yourself
  5. No lying, cheating, or stealing
  6. Work together/No fighting
  7. Don't be an asshole

Keeping this space one that is all about love, empathy, & understanding is our passion. Of Course, That doesn't mean we can't laugh, tell jokes, and have an awesome time tho! We love FUN!

Make sure you take a look around the BETHOONIES site and visit each of the fun spots! In each tab has unique content for you to check out! Now, that YOU are a Bethoonie, you'll receive all the latest RWB info and happenings FIRST, before ANYONE else! This is also including: Members only merch, livestreams just for Bethoonies, first invite to meetups and rallies, and an interactive map of our journey!

Select Your Membership
Hot Mess Express
This 1st tier of our membership is the basic BETHOONIE entry level, getting you in the door. This tier is ideal for those wanting to get their feet wet in all things RWB.
  • Access to BETHOONIES site
  • Sticker
  • Priority Booking to Rallies & Meetups
  • Members only Merch
$ 5 / Month
Rolling Dumpster Fire
Our 2nd tier is for the loyal BETHOONIE that’s looking for just a little bit more Red, White, and Bethune in their life.
  • Access to BETHOONIES site
  • Sticker & Coffee mug
  • 10% off discount to Merch in our store
  • Priority Booking to Rallies & Meet Ups
  • Members only Merch
$ 15 / Month
Welcome to the Sh*t Show
The 3rd tier is the highest level, curated for the hardcore, dedicated BETHOONIE. If you crave ALL ACCESS, all the time, with the most swag and exclusivity, then THIS level is for you!
  • Access to BETHOONIES site
  • Sticker, Coffee Mug, & T-shirt
  • Special something sent by us once a month to you
  • 15% off in Merch Store
  • 15% off Rallies and meet ups
  • 1st Priority Booking to Rallies, Meetups, & New Merch
  • Special Livestream once a month, just for level 3 members
  • Rolling Credit with Level 3 members names at the end of every YouTube Video
  • Special one-time thank you in one of our YouTube videos
$ 25 / Month