Have you ever waited what has felt like forever for a transformation!? Let me tell you, 3 months felt like a freaking eternity. You guys are all well aware that we decided to go bananacakes crazy—sell our home, homeschool our kids, and move into a bus. We started work on her right away and it took two and a half months to get the inside done!  Since its going to be our full-time home, we wanted to make it perfect.

When I designed our current house back in 2016, I wanted an industrial/rustic type of design. I loved the cool greys, blacks, whites, woods, and metals. I had an amazing time designing it into a cozy and stylish home. See?

Our Stick and Bricks Industrial Farmhouse Design

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When we got Blue Betty, she was a sea of baby blue on the inside. Walls. Seating. Doors. We knew we had our work cut out for us. We had no idea HOW we were going to get rid of all that blue….

Baby Blues, before picture of the living room in the front of the bus
TaDaaaa! The After of Blue Betty’s living room/kitchen

When we got Blue Betty, she was a sea of baby blue on the inside. Walls. Seating. Doors. We knew we had our work cut out for us. We had no idea HOW we were going to get rid of all that blue….

I know that it doesn’t even look like the same bus! It became light, open, and airy. We knew we needed to make feel as big as possible if we are going to be full time living in less than 320 sq ft of space with 3 kids, 2 adults, and 6 dogs.  When everything finally came together, the hubby admitted that it looked perfect.

Navy is a powerful color, and I didn’t want it to take over the small space, that’s why I kept a lot of things white. Most of this bus was bought on amazon, lol. Seriously. I feel like we bought SO much online. It saved us a ton of money in lieu of having to go to big box stores. We did a peel and stick tile backsplash that turned out FABULOUS! I decided to go with a white hexagon pattern instead of the overused subway tile (not hating on subway tile y’all, just wanted something a little unique!) I stayed with the white theme and did a white solid surface countertop. I made sure to have the fabricators go in 6 inches for our bar area. This left it less crowded in the already slender walkway. One of my FAVORITE purchases was my GOLD sink, yes, GOLD! You may also be surprised that it came from Amazon—the faucet too!

Our 18” Bar with Gold Stools
My Fabulous Gold Sink!

I was able to find the PERFECT couch to fit our space! (Yup, got that baby on amazon too). The couch that was in the space before was custom built. Oh, and I LOVE Disney, so of course, the Disney Ruggable Rug!

The bus also didn’t have a true kitchen or full-size fridge in it, which we knew we needed. We basically gutted the entire inside of the front area aside from the overhead cabinets. We were able to paint the laminate with a “Gripper” paint from Home Depot and installed an air fryer to do most of our cooking.

The built-in couch that was in the bus before
Amaaazing Amazon Couch with our super cute Disney Ruggable Rug

This wasn’t the only space that got a complete overhaul, the entire bus was redone. We had to make a space for each of the kids that was special to each of them. The bunks were blue before, so we turned them white. They each got to pick out what wallpaper they wanted to make it their own.

Bunks of Baby Blue Filled the Hallway
View of the sparkling white bunks
Ben wanted a “camo” paper, so we “settled” on birch trees
Molly picked out her flower print all by herself with no arguments from mom
Eli said “Star Wars!” I made the executive decision to go with the bus design in mind—constellations…tomato, tomaaatoh.

In any home, you have to have a bathroom and shower, our tiny house is no exception. Before, the bus served the ministry as a Gospel Singer and his band. They didn’t typically use the shower on the bus. As a fulltime family of 5, we are going to be using it A LOT! And I made sure everything down to the shower curtain matched the design.

The Bathroom Before
Our Bathroom After
Shower Stall Before
After we used “tub and shower paint” to make the stall white

When Blue Betty came to us, she had 8 bunks—we only needed 3 (No, nooooo more babies are going to be baked in this bakery…I’m fixed). Because we are crazy and have 6 dogs, we need somewhere to keep the brood of pups. We took out the 3 additional bunks on the right side and turned that space into our closet and a built-in dog kennel. On the opposite side, there was 2 bigger bunks that we made into our classroom for the kids.

3 bunks on the right before
Our built-in dog kennel with our closet above
Two larger bunks on the left, before
Classroom area, after

As my 6-year-old likes to say our bedroom is “where the FUN happens” and that my friends is where we are at now, the bedroom! Because they had 8 bunks previously, they had plenty of places to sleep. They used master bedroom as a dressing room to get ready for shows.

When we took those 5 bunks out, we were able to add an additional 12 inches to our master!! (Listen, in tiny homes, every inch matters!) With those 12 inches, it gave us enough space to put in a REGULAR king-sized bed! The best feature though? Our faux boxwood wall! We had SO many imperfections on the back wall that were going to show through painting or be lumpy under wallpaper. We came up with the boxwood solution to cover it all up! It brings the outside in and adds a fun design element.


View of their dressing room, before
Couch in the dressing room, before


Our king size bed with boxwood wall
My New View

Even though there were so many bumps in the road to slow us down on this project, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We really can’t wait to move in and hit the road non our newest life adventure!

If you’d like to see the video tour, check out our video on our YouTube! You can also follow our journey on Facebook or on Instagram.

We can’t wait to take everyone on this adventure with us!

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Nighthawk Mobile Router (Need to purchase sim card separately):

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