We have been called “Crazy” for a new reason… We are selling our house, remodeling a tour bus, homeschooling the kids, and hitting the road. Yes, you read that right and you may even think we are crazy too, and that’s okay—we kind of are.

We were tired of the “rat race” and were miserable in our day to day lives, so we needed to make a change. Some people go get a new haircut or buy a new outfit… We turn everything upside down and decide to move into 320 sq ft of space with 3 kids, 2 adults, and 6 dogs. Pretty much the opposite of normal.

Back in August of 2019 we returned home from our 3-week camping road trip and we weren’t thrilled to be going back into our everyday routine: Work, Kids, Sleep, Repeat. As we were back home and unloading the RV, Kyle made the comment “Man, I wish that we could sell everything and travel the country in the RV.” To that I replied “That is INSANE. We can’t possibly do that. We have work, kids, a house…..” From there my new daydreams were born. Every day for a week I would be styling dogs hair and my mind would drift to being at the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and the Pacific Northwest. Visions of the kids laughing, us recording videos for YouTube, and an adventurous lifestyle danced in my head.

At the end of the week I went to Kyle and said, “Let’s do it!” He gazed at me with a puzzled look and replied, “Do what?”

I exclaimed “SELL EVERYTHING, remodel the RV, and travel the country!”

To this he echoed my earlier statement “Jenn, that is crazy, we can’t do that. We have life here. We are supposed to travel when we retire.”

In true Jenn fashion, I hounded him every hour for about 3 days giving him all the pros of this lifestyle change. Clearly it worked, because on October 30th, we announced to the world our plans to do it!

We decided that our current RV wasn’t suitable for the big brood of ours to live full time in. Naturally, we found a 40ft bus located for sale in Virginia. In November of 2019, a 1983 Silver Eagle Model 10 Tour Bus pulled into my driveway. From that day to now, we have been working on remodeling it to suit our needs. Hopefully (I have been saying this for a month now), it will be wrapping up in the next couple weeks and we can MOVE IN. Obviously, we are totally doing a before and after video and blog for y’all, because in my humble opinion its design is pretty damn awesome.

Now you know why we haven’t posted since November… We have been working every. single. day. on Blue Betty (yes, you have to name your bus, it’s an unwritten law). Between shuttling kids around, styling dogs, and remodeling a bus we haven’t had time for sleep, let alone a blog update. I am happy to report that the remodel is drawing to a close, you are going to see A LOT more from the Bethune Bunch!