What do you do when your home is being worked on and you need to unwind and get away? You go to one of your favorite beaches, Anna Maria Island!

As y’all know, we have been working on Blue Betty since November of 2019, literally every. single. day.

When we got the news about the suspension having to be replaced and a two-week delay, on launch day mind you, we were definitely discouraged. We knew we needed a break for a few days while the bus was being repaired.

We contacted our travel agent and had her start looking for places right on the beach. She found THE most amazing condo directly on the beach! (for the full tour and our travel agent’s info, click this link to watch our latest YouTube video)

It was immensely spacious and had the most amazing balcony view, I could’ve sat there for hours on end. It was the BEST spot to have our morning coffee.

This little escape to paradise seemed to be exactly what the kids needed. They are used to going on a lot of adventures several times a year. Their little wanderlust spirits were craving something new. Even kids need to rest and recharge from time to time.

We bought them each a $5 boogie board and let me tell you, they absolutely got their monies worth out of it. They stayed on those boards the entire time we were down at the beach. Even Eli hung with the big kids and did an awesome job riding in the waves!

When they weren’t at the beach, they were splashing around in the pool! This pool was awesome because it was in the parking garage area, under the shade of the building. No sunburns were made in the pool, that’s for sure! It was a great place to cool off after being out at the beach for a couple of hours.

Even Theodore caught some downtime by the pool with us! For those of you that don’t know, Theodore is Jenn’s Service Poodle that goes everywhere she goes. Did you know that Service Dogs are to be given admittance to any public place that their handler is allowed to go? If you have questions or are curious about service dogs, the ADA website is a great resource!

Personally though, our favorite time of day at the beach is in the late, late afternoon into the evening. Something about those Gulf of Mexico sunsets give you all the feels! It’s almost like breathing in the warm salty air cleanses your mind and soul, or at least for us, that’s what it does.

In addition to all the soul cleansing that the saltwater does, it also tires your kids out before bedtime! The kids would play and play, take their showers, then pass out in their beds!

I must say though, one of the best parts was hanging out with family and friends! Kyle’s parents came down to have dinner with us and spend time with us before launch day number 2.

Our best friends also came down and  spent the night with us. You don’t get to pick your family, but you certainly can pick your friends, and then when they become family, its the greatest blessing a person could know.

While we are definitely sad to have to pack up and leave this beautiful paradise, we know that all good things must come to an end, and that includes soul recharging beach getaways. We do however, get to look forward to picking up a rear suspension redone, ready to fly, Blue Betty in a few days! Once we pick her up, we will be (finally) on the road as a Fulltime RV Family!

As always, we appreciate all of y’all for following our journey, more than you’ll ever know! Thank you for loving and cheering us on! Until next time, stay safe and happy travels!